Cracking down on the "beeping" of heavy equipment in Colorado

The famous “beep beep” noises made by back-up alarms on heavy equipment has annoyed some Colorado residents enough to pass a law about it.

The Aspen Times reports that the Basalt Town Council approved a provision that limits the use of equipment with back-up alarms before 8 AM in residential neighborhoods.

Contractors will be notified of the new rules when applying for building permits.

One thought on “Cracking down on the "beeping" of heavy equipment in Colorado

  1. Well here we go again . These trust fund p____y’s don’t like those of us who work for a living so they restrict the amount of time we can work. Well then, when they need some work done and (hopefully the contractors are smart enough to raise the prices to make up for the lost time) these trust fund monkeys have to pay more because there is less available time to get the work done. I want to hear them complain about how much their project costs. Actually better idea. Charge them from 7 AM and start at 8 AM and quit at 3.30 PM and bill until 4.30 PM. Great idea !

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