Protect your equipment from bad diesel fuel

Today’s diesel engines are designed to be cleaner and quieter than their forerunners. While diesel powered equipment is making technological strides, the fuel that goes in diesel engines still has problems.

For Construction Pros features a story that reports eight out of every ten diesel engine failures are caused by low-quality fuel and contamination.

What can you do to protect your equipment? The story features details on how diesel fuel breaks down after it is refined and what you can do to watch out for the danger signs of bad fuel.

One thought on “Protect your equipment from bad diesel fuel

  1. This article is great but what recourse do you have when bad fuel blows up an engine. We (< HREF="" REL="nofollow">QT Equipment<>) recently had to replace an engine on a brand new chassis when bad fuel blew it up and the dealer and manufacturer (names withheld) laid the blame on us. Without spending more than the price of the engine in attorneys fees to go after everyone in diesel supply chain, what can be done to protect the customer??

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