Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel

Did you see the premiere of Ice Road Truckers on The History Channel?

The show features the real-life adventures of truckers who drive their rigs on the treacherous ice-roads near the Arctic Circle.

The truckers are driving supplies to diamond mines through dangerous territory. Many trucks and their drivers have met their end on the unpaved ice roads.

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Photo Credit: Ken Woroner/The History Channel

One thought on “Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel

  1. Saw the ice runners and thought it was kinda crazy, then again blacktop isn’t always great either. Anyone that maybe able to put a suggestion forth was my thought to improve safety. The same way concrete is reenforced for strength would be directly under the ice was floating reenforcements to give the ice more strength, less shift as it creates ice all around a submerged reenforcment. steel/plastic coated with removable floats. similar to military overwater bridges submerged to freeze into the ice. Less cracks and safer truckers. Cost saved in what must be a severe recovery fee. Light>medium duty trucks can also pull some pretty healthy loads as well reducing tractor trailer weights is another safer option? Thanks Ethan Owner/Operator of towing/light transport.Rochester,NY

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