The danger of improper lane changes

The Arizona Daily Star reports on the hazard of truckers who change lanes improperly on the highway.

Improper lane changes are to blame for a large share of truck accidents. Tired drivers and distracted drivers raise the risk of an accident as well.

The story also details the dangers involved when a hazmat truck is involved in an accident. Emergency personnel have to prepare for such incidents and use the proper equipment.

While truckers and transportation companies strive to keep truckers and other drivers safe, what do you think needs to done? Leave a comment and tell us.

2 thoughts on “The danger of improper lane changes

  1. I agree with the other person that commented. I think that everyone should be just as much at fault, rather than just the truck drivers. Anyone that says that the truckers are to blame for all the accidents haven’t spent much time on the highway. The drivers of the 4 wheelers are idiots, most with NO respect for someone driving a large truck. Everyone needs to take responsibility for there driving and use signals and give plenty of distance and time for lane changes and stops.

  2. I live in Los Angeles, I’m a truck mechanic by trade not a driver, but I feel for these guys when they drive out here. We have the most rude, ignorant drivers out here, and the truck drivers in the near misses I’ve seen here prevented an accident or in one case avoided running over a car that cut them off. I would like to see this article in the news paper but also pertain to all drivers, cars, bikes, etc. included. An improper lane change is dangerous for everyone.

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