Trucking firms try different methods to cut fuel costs

As gas prices rise, trucking firms are keeping an eye on fuel gauges and their bottom line.

One trucking firm, Klapec Trucking of Reno, is using cost-cutting measures to lower the cost of fueling trucks. features the story.

Methods to lower fuel costs include Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), special additives for diesel fuel, and aerodynamic “wings” on trucks to reduce wind resistance.

2 thoughts on “Trucking firms try different methods to cut fuel costs

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  2. Do the aerodynamics make that big of a deal? I was looking on < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Freightliner trucks<> at their new Cascadia, and thye talk a lot about it being more aerodynamic truck.The Midnight trucking hour on the radio had a show a few days ago about how tires pressure make can add like 10% efficiency.

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