Can Truck Driving Couples Remedy the Driver Shortage?

As trucking companies are struggling to find qualified applicants to get behind the wheel, the industry is now seeking married couples aged 50+ to be trucking co-drivers.

Jim and Eva Sisler, a truck-driving couple, are the perfect example. The Sislers started driving as a way to build up savings for retirement. Now, they love the work. Same for the Taylors. Bill Taylor’s wife used to ride with him on the weekends, but after he let her take the wheel for just a minute, she was hooked and now they drive hauls together for weeks at a time.


Older pre-retirement couples are ideal employee teams for fleets. They’re still interesting in working and looking for the change of scenery that can be provided behind the wheel. They can take turns driving, essentially doubling the hours the truck can legally operate, getting freight transported more quickly. And they’re not necessarily concerned with getting home to each other at night, because they stay together right there in the cab!!

What do you think?? Would you share a semi with your spouse?? Let us know in the comments below!!

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