Volvo CE’s Gryphin concept wheel loader

Here are some images of Volvo CE’s Gryphin, an extreme concept wheel loader. While the Gryphin is only a concept, it offers a glimpse of the future of heavy equipment.

According to Volvo CE…

Gryphin has the twin themes of ‘the Environment’ and ‘the Operator’ at its heart. Using an electric hybrid power source, Gryphin emits almost no emissions. Instead of heavy transmissions, drivelines and axles, Gryphin uses electrical motors inside each wheel, allowing much higher underbody ground clearance and a super quiet machine.

Having separate motors for each wheel has other advantages.

The lack of a traditional driveline and axles allows the adoption of intelligent independent suspension. This not only offers a more comfortable ride for the operator, with fewer vibrations entering the cab, but also allows for variable ride height. The frame can be lowered for high speed haul cycles, reducing the centre of gravity and making much higher speeds than is currently possible with no lost of comfort or stability. The frame can also be raised; increasing ground clearance over rough ground and offering greater dump heights while maintaining stability.

The cab features new technology to keep the interior temperature comfortable. The windows darken in bright light, like a pair of sunglasses.

Volvo says much of the technology from the Gryphin concept is already under development or even being tested, and is very close to the real machines that will be on the job twenty years from now.

The only problem is that the Gryphin looks so sleek and stylish, it would almost be a shame to get it dirty

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