State Troopers Drive Big Rigs to Catch Unsafe Drivers

State troopers have taken to semis in order to stop distracted and dangerous drivers who endanger truckers and others on the road. Big rigs give law enforcement officials the perfect view to hand out justice.

The trucks are equipped with dash cams and radar guns to catch texters, speeders, and other unsafe drivers in the act. The troopers often contact other officers who pull over the drivers.

Let us know what you think in the comments below – what do you think about state trooper big rigs??

8 thoughts on “State Troopers Drive Big Rigs to Catch Unsafe Drivers

  1. Ok, I understand the need for an undercover police officer at all sorts of places and times, but sometimes this is a little too much. I was talking on the cell phone this afternoon trying to get directions to my 11-yr-old's summer camp when a cop pulled me over and told me I was driving erradically and he had received 3 complaints against me. Well, I apologized and told him my daughter and I were sick with a stomach-type virus thing and I had to go pick her up because she had major diarrhea. I was just trying to get directions to that camp before 300 or so kids all got uncontrollable diarrhea. He confessed to me that an ex-trooper who now drives a big rig called him and told him to pull me over. He was nice and gave me the general location of the camp and I stopped by Radio Shack to get one of those Jupiter Jack things before I picked her up. Now, I realize I must have run off the road a bit or something like that and I admit you shouldn't talk and drive, but come on….I was only on the phone a couple of minutes and I think I would have noticed if I was driving badly enough for THREE complaints. Let's keep it real and just say “another cop wanted me to pull you over.” Let's not try to exaggerate so the bad guy won't get away because sometimes the bad guy isn't really a bad guy at all and exaggeration only makes things worse. Justice isn't justice if the facts are inflated with exaggeration.

  2. Pffft. Rubberneckers and jamming on the breaks don’t make safe roads. Controlling your truck and having 4 wheelrs not jabbering on the cell phone. that’ll make safe driving.

  3. I travel across Kansas twice a week and find this just another gimick of theirs trying to get revenue. I have seen Kansas try many things in name of safety, and most have turned into a diaster. This is a state that one may find 1 patrolmen every 15 miles. If that does not create safe driving. Then God help the state of Kansas.

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