Trucking firm puts biodiesel to the long-haul test

As the concern over fuel prices grows, biodiesel is gaining support as an alternative fuel.

Wallaces Farmer reports on the Decker Truck Line Inc., the first major trucking company to compare a biodiesel blend (blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel) to regular diesel fuel.

According to the article, the B20 soy biodiesel blend has given outstanding performance over 350,000 miles.

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One thought on “Trucking firm puts biodiesel to the long-haul test

  1. I am happy to see people starting to step up and say we are tied of the oil Company’s riping us off as well as helping our environment. We have a 96 MBZ that runs on B99 and we are very happy with the way it runs. I am looking forward to it becoming more available. Keep up the good work.

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