Do trucks need speed limiters? The debate continues features a story on the controversy over mandatory speed limiters on trucks.

At issue is federal mandate to cap truck engine speeds at 68 mph, using mechanical speed limiters to enforce the limit.

While there is support for speed limiters from safety advocates, opponents say it will unfairly penalize all truckers.

What do you think? Would speed limiters make trucks safer? Leave a comment and tell us you story.

3 thoughts on “Do trucks need speed limiters? The debate continues

  1. speed limiters are dangerous, not only are the drivers of swift,sheinder,and all those so called 65mph companys doing it , it leaves a path of trucks trying to pass a truck w/1 mph more at a side by side situation for a long time,anyone knows a truck by a truck is a accident waiting to happen if there side by side for long times ,simple fact.. been on the road 28 yrs my dad 40 yrs , take it from a driver limiters will kill more people.just think in coman sense you stupid politics,and do whats right,never in my life have i seen such stupid uncommen dumb ass stuff.ins,my ass ,low rates,my ass, im so insulted that the mexican immagrants can have a strike in our country in 3 days ,yet we truckers cant get together and do something about all the stuff ,fuel,pay,laws, i do miss the union of jimmie haffa.sighned a good american just pissed

  2. i’LL BE GOD DAMED IF i CAN FIND TRUCK PARTS!!!!! wHAT’S THE TRICK????? I’m looking for truck parts!!! Can you make it MORE difficult for me to find them????????????????????????????

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