Help Wanted – 20,000 truck drivers needed

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the United States needs 20,000 new truck drivers right now, and that number needed could rise to 111,000 by 2014.

Why the shortage?

This is probably not a news flash to any readers here, but trucking is a tough job and not everyone is cut out for it. The hours are long, the pay is better in other fields, and a truck driver spends a lot of time away from family.

Besides the shortage of new truck drivers, the average driver is getting older, with 50 as the average age of a trucker.

The need for truckers is compounded by the role truckers play in the just-in-time economy. Your local supermarket or big-box store needs stocking, and trucks are still the major carrier of goods and services.

What can be done to get more drivers on the roads? Some states are offering programs to get retrain workers and military veterans for a new career.

Some truckers feel it is more than pay or hours, but a matter of respect for the work they do and the important part of the national economy they fulfill.

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One thought on “Help Wanted – 20,000 truck drivers needed

  1. 20,000 drivers needed? Questionable. No question that qualifiable drivers are needed. Or competant drivers needed. Safety departments are overwhelmed with the problem and dispatch is tired of drivers that can not look at a log and preplan a trip that others do logbook legal. Personally I am tired of these drivers behind the wheel driving just as incompetant with a lack a daisical attitude. As a professional driver of many years I see this problem will not be solved anytime soon. It is caused by wages to a certain extend, but mostly because of to fast of growth in the industry. The industry did not get a jump on driver recruits and now they are playing catch up and that has created a disaster of hiring incompetant drivers and old timers having sufficient time to train them. Now those that are becoming seasoned in the industry are taking longer to learn by experience because of there x generation and the new me generation attitudes. And creating some new driving styles that are disasterous to the public. So the fight is for competant drivers in my opinion to fullfill all the slots. I still here docks telling me they will just get someone else to haul it. Which means drivers are available. Competant, responsible, on time, logbook legal drivers are not.

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