US-Mexican border soon open for trucking under new program reports on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s pilot cross-border trucking program, allowing Mexican truck drivers to travel beyond border areas.

The program goes into effect in about 60 days. Trucks will be able to cross from Mexico provided safety checks are completed and proof of insurance is verified. Trucks must also be insured by a US licensed firm and meet United States safety standards.

Congressional transportation leaders are concerned about the new program, expressing concern over resources needed to enforce driving hours restrictions and drug and alcohol testing.

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2 thoughts on “US-Mexican border soon open for trucking under new program

  1. This a very poor idea. A lot of the heavy duty trucks that couldn’t withstand the inspections in the US were bought by people south of the border to do their heavy hauling. Most of the drivers that I have seen when traveling with husband in our semi seem to have comprehension problems but it isn’t just the companies from south of the border it is from the north as well. Supposedly the neighbors from the north are to bring in their frieght, reload and go back . NOT pickup, deliver and then maybe get a load back to Canada. Where is the equality? There isn’t. How about the trucks that travel some times three drivers in each cab? I believe they should not only be able to read, write and obey our laws, they should be limited to the borders only. Then can they have contacts at the border to carry the goods farther on and I don’t mean human goods. Is this discrimination, I suppose some would say yes. It is getting harder and harder to find “good drivers” most of them have been in a “school” of sorts but it seems that a warm body will work, even in our country. I can’t help but feel that the ones from north and south of the border don’t meet our standards. Why should we endanger our highways with faulty equipment and without laws that would be enforced upon the substandard drivers and equipment from other countries without conflict with our neighboring countries?

  2. I don’t think this is a good idea. Drivers that don’t speak english, or act like they cannot speak english often get away with violations we “americans” could not. How can laws be enforced with people you can’t communicate with.

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