Active RFID tags track shipping containers for longer distances features a story on active RFID (radio frequency identification) tags, which use an internal power source to extend their tracking range.

Passive RFID tags have no local power source and need to be activated by a reading device, limiting their range to only a few feet.

The new active RFID tags have their own power source and a greater range. Shippers can track their containers longer distances, informing them of breakdowns or lost containers. They can even be read while a truck is moving 75mph.

Horizon Lines Inc. used the new active tags to track 5100 containers from a Seattle distribution center to their destination in Alaska.

One thought on “Active RFID tags track shipping containers for longer distances

  1. As on of the hostlers shagging containers out of the port in Anchorage, AK, I’d like to see Horizon make even better use of thier RFID tags. It seems to me they could be used to locate containers in the yard, as well.

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