Safety-Ear earpiece wakes and warns sleepy drivers

Safety Ear
Fatigue is always a danger for truckers who work long hours, with lack of sleep the culprit in many truck accidents.

While getting enough sleep is the best prevention to trucker fatigue, the new Safety-Ear device is designed to warn drivers they are in danger of nodding-off behind the wheel.

The Saftey-Ear fits behind the ear like a Bluetooth headset. Sensors inside the device go off when the head leans forward too far. One version of the device emits a sound, while another vibrates to wake the driver.

One thought on “Safety-Ear earpiece wakes and warns sleepy drivers

  1. I agree that getting enough sleep is one of the best antidotes to the dangers of dozing at the wheel but, even with proper rest, it’s possible to find yourself getting drowsy. The Safety-Ear is a great idea. I don’t know if the company will sell enough of these items to stay in business but I’ll be putting a post about this item on my blog, too. Thanks for bringing this item to my attention

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