Dealing with dirt from a construction site

You may be familiar with the term “dirt cheap”. When dirt has to be moved from a construction site, dirt is anything but cheap.

For Construction Pros features a story on how contractors are dealing with moving dirt, which can be expensive due to fuel costs.

How do contractors deal with dirt? Some sell it to other projects who need it. Others go for a more balanced approach, using the dirt for other purposes on the job site.

Have you had to deal with excess dirt on construction job? Tell us your story and leave a comment below.

One thought on “Dealing with dirt from a construction site

  1. in Los Angeles we have a local dirt exchange board ( )where dirt can be exchanged with private customers and Contractors. We found that the national boards are just to big and have too few local listings to be useful.Some of the uses we have given our site dirt is pool fills, back fill, erosion control, landscape projects…

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