More Trucks on the Road, But Fewer Places to Park

The number of big trucks on the road continues to increase, but the number of places to park remains low.


A story on Parking-net describes how some truck stops are full 24 hours a day, leaving some truckers to find alternative parking. It may not sound like a big deal, but parking in undesignated areas can be dangerous and illegal.

Also, going back on the road only contributes to traffic congestion. Meanwhile, the law requires truckers to take breaks. What are they to do when there are no break spots to be found? We’re hoping you have some tips for fellow drivers!!

Do you struggle to find parking?? What is do you think is the solution?? Let us know in the comments below!!

One thought on “More Trucks on the Road, But Fewer Places to Park

  1. Simple…..start a website that lists various, obscure, tricky little places to park (particularly in cities)…most truckers have computers and GPS units now.

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