Volvo BeeVan Could Be the Truck of the Future

The Volvo BeeVanWhile the Volvo “BeeVan” only exists now as a one-quarter-scale model truck concept, it does give an amazing glimpse of where truck aerodynamics and technology are likely to go.

Produced for the 2007 Michelin Challenge Design competition by Volvo Trucks North America, the BeeVan places the driver front and center in the truck’s cab, instead of the traditional left-side position. The folks at Volvo call this FVDP – Full-View Driver Position.

FVDP has more than 180 degrees of uninterrupted visibility, as the huge windshield can be seen arcing around the driver while remote vision cameras eliminate blindspots.

The windshield reduces drag and improves engine efficiency. Engine cooling is enhanced by positioning two radiators at the base of the A-pillar/dash transitions. Air is directed from the wraparound grille, through the radiators and exits via the roof. This means the heat transferred from the radiator to the air is never in contact with the engine, for increased cooling efficiency.

The Volvo BeeVan Steering WheelWhile the seat and dash may look like something Captain Kirk would be comfortable with, the dual armrest consoles place an array of other advanced technologies literally at the driver’s fingertips, including: lane tracking, vehicle proximity sensors and driver drowsiness detectors.

The cab includes sleeper berths, a dinette table and other versatile components to combine office, relaxation, dining, personal storage and sleeping functions.

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  1. Wow. If this thing ever hits the streets, I’d consider switching to a career in trucking. Does it have a cappuccino maker?

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