How can cars and trucks share the road safely?

How much do car drivers know about trucks? A truck driver probably knows it takes the length of a football field to bring a rig to a stop at 55 mph, but does the SUV driver chatting on a cell phone in the next lane understand that?

The Standard Journal features a story on what car drivers need to know to share the road safely with trucks, and how truck drivers have to learn to cope with dangerous road conditions.

Brick Kepler, a director of Professional Drivers Academy in Milton, Pennsylvania, offers insight on what truck drivers learn to get their certification to drive. While the CDL gives a trucker a certification to drive, the real classroom is the highway.

Kepler also offers advice on how car drivers can share the road safely with big trucks.

What advice do you have to share? What should car drivers know about trucks to drive safely? What should all truck drivers know to protect themselves and their fellow drivers?

Leave a comment below and share your story.


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