Virtual Reality Trains Truckers to be Better Drivers

Truck driving is not a game. When drivers are behind the wheel of a big rig, sharp driving skills and reflexes can make the difference in preventing accidents and saving lives.

Supply Chain Digital reports that new virtual reality simulators are training truckers to be better drivers, using 3D graphics and motion simulators to immerse users in photorealistic environments and teach driving skills to protect their lives and their cargo.

UPS is the first U.S. company to adopt this technology, utilizing a 3 to 6 minute virtual reality hazard perception test. But Canada is getting in on the 3D action as well. According to, the Alberta Motor Transport Association has built multiple driving simulators, available to its members. The simulators are full-axis, full motion, which allows them to test automative and manual transmissions (up to 10, 13, and 18-speed) and select multiple categories of vehicles, from dump trucks to flatbeds.

While video gamers are excited about the new Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo, businesses as diverse as oil drilling and truck driving are using virtual reality simulators that would have any gaming freak drooling.

Have you trained on a trucking simulator?? What was it like?? Let us know in the comments below!!


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