Are truck-only lanes on highways the solution to heavy traffic?

America’s interstate system is aging and taking a beating from decades of use. It will only get worse if nothing is done, especially as a projected increase in truck traffic rolls down those highways in the future.

According to the The Orlando Sentinel, the idea of truck-only lanes is under serious consideration by the government.

While everyone agrees that traffic is problem, the point of all the fussing is who is going to pay for it.

Some truckers object to the idea of truck-only lanes being used to squeeze more toll money out of truckers. Another suggestion is to create optional high-speed lanes that are paid for by tolls, giving truckers and car drivers a speedier journey if they choose to pay.

Do you support the idea of truck-only lanes? Do you think they are coming in the near-future? Post a comment below an tell us your story.


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