Truckers need sleep to stay safe

Do you get enough sleep before you get behind the wheel?

An estimated 16.5% of all fatal crashes are attributed to drowsy driving. While most truckers know that a solid 8 hours of sleep is recommended for alert and safe driving, deadlines and tight schedules often get in the way.

When they don’t have enough time for a full night’s rest, stressed truckers use methods ranging from quick naps to energy drinks to keep rolling. This may keep drivers on time, but it can’t make up for a good night’s rest.

The folks over at Automotive Fleet have collected a number of safety tips for how truckers can improve their sleep. Some highlight include:

  • Avoid stimulants and alcohol
  • Exercise
  • Develop a relaxing pre-sleep routine

How do you get the sleep you need to drive safely? Do you have any tips or advice to offer other truckers? Leave a comment below!!


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