How do you build more comfortable trucks? Share your solutions!

Engineering students from Carnegie Mellon University are studying how to make truck driving more comfortable in order to attract new truckers.

The Pittsburgh Business Times reports on a study sponsored International Truck and Engine Corp. Mechanical engineering students at CMU are looking for ideas to make truck driving easier and safer.

One of the solutions suggested by CMU students was a small scooter carried onboard a truck. The scooter could be used by a driver to get around while a truck is unloaded. The students are working on other concepts to make driving safer for older truckers.

While the students are busy coming up with their truck ideas, what do you think? Who better to think up new truck ideas than truckers?

What kind of truck accessories or modifactions would you suggest? More room in the cab? More navigation equipment? More sleeping space?

Post a comment and let us know what you think.

One thought on “How do you build more comfortable trucks? Share your solutions!

  1. A nice steering wheel that is comfortable on your hands. have some nice replacement wheels for all heavyduty trucks.

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