Former Convicts as Truck Drivers. A Second Chance or Road Danger?

With the demand for truck drivers at an all time high, a CDL certificate is an option for prison inmates looking for a fresh start.

After serving sentences for their crimes, inmates who are granted parole begin looking for work. Some prepare for post-prison employment by earning their CDL while behind bars.

The Houston Chronicle reports that a quarter of truckers who were faulted for accidents in Texas had prior criminal records. Over 14% had committed drug or alcohol offenses before their accidents, and over 10% were felons.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!! Do ex-con truckers deserve a second chance or are they a danger to others on the road??

16 thoughts on “Former Convicts as Truck Drivers. A Second Chance or Road Danger?

  1. I have been out of prison for several years now, but having a hard time finding any kind of employment. I decided to get my CDL license but still having a time getting into training because trucking companies now require your felony to be over 10 years old to recieve the training. So if anyone can help me with this issue please give my a call at (803)267-2820.

  2. im am ex con starting truck driving school next week,hope they dont hold it against me,been 20 years since i got out,i dint put it on my ap.

  3. i was arrested recently. since i got out i graduated from a good cdl school. is anyone going to hire me? i wont even see a court room for 2 years.

  4. Keep in mind that many people are forced to accept plea bargains. Plea bargains accepted not because the person is guilty but because they do not qualify for a court appointed attorney nor do they have the 30 thousand upfront needed to hire an attorney expert in the area of law they need. My OTR driver husband who is serving an 8 month sentence in work release. I am sure will have a difficult time resuming his OTR career when released. At 46 years of age, he has never been in trouble for anything, does not drink. Problem was he owned a transportation business for the handicap and elderly, four years after closing the MN based business and moving to TX.MN decided he made some billings to Medicare that should not have been. Fraud no, mistakes probably. After all he was going through a divorce, brother died of lung cancer, father passed away, all at the time these billing errors occurred. Justice, I do not think so. He wanted to go to trial, I urged him to accept the one count guilty plea not realizing his career would be ruined. Drivers should be considered individually not under a general category.

  5. We need to give every one a second chance. It seems we continue to go toward a police state. We may need to give ex-con granny and granpa a job. Some innocent people were railroaded by overzealous prosecuters and had to plea bargain.Compared with other countries, the United States has among the highest incarceration rates in the world. More people are behind bars in the United States than any other country. As of 2006, a record 7 million people were behind bars, on probation or on parole. Of the total, 2.2 million were incarcerated. China ranks second with 1.5 million followed by Russia with 870,000. The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of the world’s incarcerated population.

  6. Hello, I’m a convicted fellon cause I plead guilty to a crime i could see no way of winning in court.I have had my CDL driver liscense for 2 years.In 9 years I have’nt been in any trouble I was hurt in a job related injury an had knee surgery there for, My construction career was over. My father is Aa professional truck driver,35 years over the road & local driving. Bottem line if any man or women wants too suceed,prosper an be a productive member of society we can.I have four children that depend on me too cloth an feed them,I’ve never did one day in prison an so what if I did they are supposed to rehabilitate people right so If anyone has done there time they should be able to have the same chances as everyone else .That ex-con thing is just a racial epethat first an fore mosttoo keep us down.

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  8. I have a friend who is a ex-con, and is a trucker. the way he states is: ” Truck driving is a job, a convict reformed has no demeaning interest in performing that truck driving job.” In other words, It’s okay to have ex-cons, doing this job of truck driving as long as what they were convicted of would not interfere with the job. for example, a drug user ex-con, should not be able to get behind the wheel without tight scrutiny, where as a thief or emblezzer can perform the job the same as a law abiding person.

  9. I was a driver before I was locked up and I still am a driver. I think that there is no reason to worry about convicts driving. The worry is the lack of training these young new drivers are getting.I used to look down on convicts like I was better than them and worried about being around them. But you know they are just people also. Some are worse than others but you can say that about anyone that you meet. Even that friendly guy in church next to you may not be the person you think he is. So what would be wrong with convicts as truckers?

  10. it sould like more new world order plnned military tackoven of america is about to get underway!!!if big brother had thaer way we all would be convicts! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! the FAT LADY SINGING!!!!!


  12. I’m glad all my past mistakes and stupid actions are not held against me for the rest of my life. I worked closely with prison inmates for 4 1/2 years, and the greatest reason for recidivism is the lack of opportunity to overcome the social stigma of having been in prison. If an ex-con cannot make a living honestly, he will usually revert to his former lifestyle.

  13. of course ex-cons should have the ability to drive trucks and become productive members of society. just because a person has made mistakes in life doesnt mean they cant be afforded the oportunity to work and provide for there families. with the way things are going a person with a record will never have the chance to “reform”.

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