New truck tax credit effort fails in Pennsylvania

New truck tax credit effort fails in PennsylvaniaThe Land Line Magazine web site features a story on recent death of a bill that would have encouraged the purchase of new low emission trucks in Pennsylvana. The bill was introduced in the Pennsylvania House, but got stuck in the House Appropriations Committee till the end of the session, killing it.

The bill would have awarded a tax credit of $3000 to trucking companies and private drivers buying new class 8 trucks, which come equipped with modern emissions control systems.

Rep. Karen Beyer sponsored the bill to help truckers and trucking companies comply with the new 2007 emission standards. Although the bill is dead now, it could be re-introduced in January.

Should there be a tax credit for new trucks? Would it help truckers and the environment, or is this just more government meddling in the truck business?

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One thought on “New truck tax credit effort fails in Pennsylvania

  1. So, what other benefits does one get out of a class 8 engine? I mean, what other incentives would their be? I would assume they would cost more and would the tax credit be enough incentive to push people to get one? Or is there more that could be done to help make the transition to cleaner engines?

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