Trucking legend J.B. Hunt dies

Waxahachie Daily Light features a profile of J.B. Hunt, founder of J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc., who died last Thursday at the age of 79.

J.B. Hunt, a former trucker himself, founded his business in 1969 with only five trucks and seven trailers. Hunt’s company grew into one of the largest trucking companies in the country.

Hunt stepped down as chairman of his company in 2004, leaving a trucking company with a worth in the billions and a fleet of over 11,000 trucks.

The rise of J.B. Hunt’s company followed the trucking business through major changes over the last four decades, ranging from deregulation of the industry to the use of computers for dispatching.

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  1. News stories about the passing of J.B. Hunt have not just told of his success in business, but of his generous nature as well.Did you ever meet him in person? Does anyone have any stories about Mr. Hunt that they would like to share?

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