Watch out for road hazards and distractions

Watch out for road hazards and distractionsDid you know your cell phone can be just as dangerous to you and your truck as a slippery road? Anything that distracts you from your job behind the wheel can put you at risk, and that includes that pesky ringing flip-phone.

Big Rig Owner features a story on the many hazards truckers face when driving, and some of them are surprising.

There are the usual suspects: slippery roads, aggressive drivers and improperly secured cargo. You might not consider a dirty windshield to be risky, but when trouble happens on the road you might have only seconds to react. A clean windshield and mirror could make the difference in protecting you and other drivers.

The tips offered are simple ones, but they are worth keeping in mind.

Have your own advice on safe driving? Let us know! Share your road wisdom and leave a comment.


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