No smoking in Ohio workplaces. That means trucks too!

No smoking in Ohio workplacesA workplace smoking ban goes into effect today in Ohio, even if your workplace is behind the wheel of a moving truck.

The Plain Dealer features a story on a new anti-smoking law. All workplaces, bars, restaurants, and even truck cabs have to toss out their ashtrays and go totally smokeless, although throwing an ashtray out of a moving truck is not advised.

Does this mean you are breaking the law if you are a tobacco-using trucker driving through Ohio today?

According to supporters of the smoking ban, the new law only affects trucks based in Ohio. If you are an out of state trucker and just passing through, feel free to puff away.

The law is designed to cut back on secondhand smoke, with enforcement is based on complaints. If you are a lone trucker, you are probably not going to get busted.

The Ohio Trucking Association is expected to ask the state legislature to exempt truckers from the ban.

One thought on “No smoking in Ohio workplaces. That means trucks too!

  1. Excuse me the smoking ban law in Ohio does not give a exemption to out of state trucks ! As a matter of fact the law requires it to be construed in the most liberal manner to promote a smoke free work place! Here is the link to the smoking ban law for the legal eagles. You think Ohio will not miss a chance in not fining a company $2500 over a cigarette with no due process in defense, I think not! Selective enforcement is not a option this is a state wide law! As you can see in the article it is the “supporters of the ban” they are the ones that said private clubs (VFW, American Legion) were exempt but in small words if they had no employees, what’s a bar tender? In “Overdrive Magazine there will be a letter requesting all drivers to Bee Line it through Ohio and perform a two purpose protest. One protest the 55MPH and the smoking ban in Ohio. If you want to stop and help a WWII vet walk out into the snow so he can smoke while visiting his VFW or Legion that’s ok. Come on vets do it! You might like to drop contributions to the American Cancer Society as well they fabricated and paid for the campaign! As the old song used to say “Forget it in OHIO” hurt them in the pocket book. Roll on through!!! Thanks guys. Billy Whyde, Nam Vet, fellow trucker.

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