Tractors fans fix up their favorite old farm equipment

An old tractor might not be as sleek as a sports car or a luxurious as a classic yacht, but old John Deere or Caterpillar farm equipment do have their admirers.

The Contra Coasta Times features a profile of classic tractor afficiandos
gathering together to work on their favorite machines for display. So far the group has refurbished over 30 tractors at Forest Home Farms in San Ramon.

The tractor fans look for old machinery for sale on equipment web sites and around the surrounding countryside. To this group, a polished tractor is just as beautiful as a sports car. The tractor restorers hope to make the equipment collection part of a museum on the farm grounds.

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  1. I have a 560IH Farmall diesel with disc brakes. When I apply the brakes the lock immediately. Has anyone else experienced this problem and fixed it – what did it take? I’d like to be able to apply the brakes and have the tractor and it’s load come to a stop without skidding the wheels.

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