Great Dane and Wal-Mart team up to make a faster truck trailer

Wal-Mart keeps prices low by using a shipping system that is second to none. It should be no surpise that Wal-mart wants truck transportation that is faster and cheaper. Truck aerodynamics offers a new way to keep those low low prices coming.

Fleet Owner features a story on how Wal-Mart is teaming with Great Dane Trailers to make trailers that are sleeker and easier to haul. If you can reduce the wind resistance on a truck trailer, a fleet of trucks can save money on time and fuel.

What Great Dane has come up with for Wal-Mart is a high-tech trailer that lowers itself to the ground for less drag, features special covers that lower over the wheels to cut wind turbulence, and special wheels that are lighter and easier to maintain.

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