Watch out for truck idling laws – Cummins offers a guide

Do you know how long you can idle your truck in New York state? How about Utah? Not knowing the difference can cost you money. States have laws limiting the idle times of trucks, but the times vary from 3 minutes up to 10 minutes.

Now Cummins is offering an eight page guide called “Idle Talk: How the Regulations Affect You,” detailing idling laws state by state. features a link to the guide.

Cummins sells the Cummins ComfortGuard APU system, designed to take a burden off of truck engines and the minds (or wallets) of truckers.

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One thought on “Watch out for truck idling laws – Cummins offers a guide

  1. Can someone please tell me if there are regulations on how long a diesel truck can idle in a private driveway? My neighbor parks his commercial delivery type truck in the driveway next to my apartment. Each morning, no matter what the time of year, he starts it and leaves it running in his driveway for anywhere from 5-20 minutes before leaving. The stench from the fumes permeates my apartment and causes great discomfort and breathing difficulties. Since he does not seem to speak very good English (mostly Spanish) I hesitate to discuss the problem with him. Any info anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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