Heavy equipment theft – How hard is it to steal a bulldozer?

You might not expect a piece of heavy equipment, like a backhoe or a loader, to be something that vanishes without a trace.

But heavy equipment does get stolen according to an article in The Gazette, and rarely found afterwards.

What does one do with a stolen piece of equipment? You can’t take a Caterpillar bulldozer to a local pawnshop, or hide a John Deere tractor in your garage.

Most stolen equipment winds up in the hands of shady organizations, selling the equipment to overseas buyers.

Despite the size and weight of heavy equipment, it is harder to recover than stolen cars. While 80% of stolen autos are recovered, only 10% of stolen equipment is ever found. The consequences on the livelihoods of equipment theft victims can be devastating. The expense of one stolen piece of heavy equipment can ruin a small company.

What can you do to protect your equipment? Some companies now use GPS tracking devices and video surveillance to keep tabs on their investment.

Has equipment theft been a problem for your company? Do you have advice on protecting heavy equipment? Leave a comment below and share your story.

2 thoughts on “Heavy equipment theft – How hard is it to steal a bulldozer?

  1. Sorry I forgot the advice. Install Lo-jack if possible. Register your equipment with NER. Don’t leave your equipment operational if you have to leave it in an isolated area. There are ways to keep your machine from starting or being operational. The longer it takes to load a machine the less likely it will be taken.Don’t think that others will report a theft in progress. Sadly some choose not to get involved.Beware of repeated passersby during your workday.Inscribe your VIn or other tracable Numbers in several , if not many places on your machine. The more the better. Put them in hidden places on the major components.If feasible, take your equipment with you after your day. These individuals know exactly where you are while your equipment is being stolen. How ? It’s not a one man operation, everybody involved has a spcific duty. Spotters, Casers, Start and load man, truck driver , Copwatchers and owner watchers. May sound strange but it’s true. Nobody is exempt!!

  2. I can testify to the fact that equipment theft can erase a small company. While on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Bay St. Louis to be exact, all of my equipment was stolen. Kenworth truck, Fontaine 35 ton RGN lowboy, etc.. We were in business for 11 years and considering we started nothing we have done exceptionally well. Our average gross sales were around $ 250k per year. Due to the loss of our ” lively hood ” we are now bankrupt and out of business. These individuals or ” maggots ” that take others equipment to me are the lowest forms of life on this planet.We DONATED our time, equipment and know how to help a community that turns a deaf ear and blind eye to outside contractors and what they depend on to survive. Equipment doesn’t vanish ! Someone ALLWAYS sees or hears something. Period. But to choose to remain silent and not report suspicious activities makes you just as wrong as those doing the actual theft. Especially when it involves an honest, legitimate and compassionate contractor, as I WAS.My losses weren’t an isolated incident. Many other outsiders were robbed while there as well and are probaly in the same shape me and my family are now in. My story is on MSNBC.com/ rising from ruins/ Good Samaritan. I hope the thieves get good use or well needed money for my equipment. I hope and pray even more I happen upon you while you’re in possession of it. It won’t be pretty. You hurt my family. You low life , inbred waste of human space. I hope you rot in jail and burn in hell! You and your family ! Please , if you were a victim of theft on the Coast of Mississippi or know somebody, post your story !! Let others know before they too become a victim. Thank you

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