The International ProStar – A grinning truck drives into the future of trucking

According to a story on eTrucker, the International ProStar truck features a computerized dashboard, a steering wheel full of buttons, computer sensors, sleek styling, and a “grinning” front chrome grill.

A smiling truck?

A truck can smile all it wants, but the only smile that counts with trucks is the one on a driver’s face. The International ProStar appears designed to do that.

Inside the ProStar is a new high-tech dashboard and a steering wheel with enough buttons to rival a new playstation.

Before you get spooked by a truck with lots of gizmos, according to the story it is user friendly and lets the driver not only monitor fuel and mileage, but geo-positioning, and easy to read details about truck functions. The dashboard can even expand to use side and rear view video cameras as future add-ons.High-tech capabilites aside, the Pro-Star’s power, comfort, and handling appear to be the strongest features.

eTrucker writer Andy Haraldson praises the ProStar after a drive by saying “It felt futuristic: Han Solo, freight hauler, and I’d been in the truck less than an hour. If this is the future, bring it on.”

Now if this truck makes you Han Solo…who is Chewbacca?

Read more on about the ProStar on the eTrucker. If you can’t wait for the ProStar and want an International Truck now, check out the selection of International Trucks on Truck Trader Online.

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