The EPA is happy with ULSD fuel. Are truckers happy with it too?

The Trucker web site reports that the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency says that the transition to Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) is going well. October 15 was the date set for the new diesel fuel to be available at the pumps.

How clean is the new fuel? It is one thing to talk about particle filters and truck exhaust, but can you see it with your own eyes?

The Valley Beautiful Beacon reports that emissions have been cut so drastically that a while handkerchief can be placed over a truck exhaust pipe, yet still remain clean.

While we do not recommend trying this at home or at your local truck stop, we do want to know how the truck drivers and truck fleet owners feel about Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and its big debut.

If you have praise or complaints about the new diesel fuel, click on the comment link below and tell us what you think.

One thought on “The EPA is happy with ULSD fuel. Are truckers happy with it too?

  1. I drive all over Texas and haven’t seen but a few pumps that don’t have the sign stating this fuel can’t be used on 2007 trucks. I think the government tried too make changes before the industry was ready. Typical Gov. screwup.

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