New GPS system guides truckers with voice directions

No one likes the voice of a backseat driver in their ear, especially in a big rig.

What if that voice could tell a trucker how to get to a destination faster, avoiding traffic jams and accidents? ALK’s CoPilot Truck GPS navigation system, featured in a story on Trucking Info’s website, might be what you are looking for.

The system is a GPS that can help even a veteran trucker find their way. Who wants to be pulling over to look at a road atlas? To a trucker, time is money.

With the CoPilot Truck GPS, directions are given by voice, so a trucker does not have to take eyes off the road to look at the screen. The GPS even revises the directions if a trucker ventures off the regular route.

The best part about any GPS device, unlike a human copilot, they do not mock you when you get lost or complain about the music you listen to.

GPS devices come in all different types. You can find a truck that is equipped with one already installed on Truck Trader Online.

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