Repairing and servicing 2007 truck engines – Trouble in the repair shop?

New engine technology for 2007 will hopefully mean a cleaner enviroment, but will it also mean frustrated techs in repair shops? Will the techs be ready as engine manufacturers like Mack, Caterpillar and Cummins introduce new products?

The concern is that the new terms like CGI (which has nothing to do with computer graphics), CRS and DPF will not just mean more swearing as trucks are serviced, but longer service times for trucks, costing trucking companies and drivers money.

Service time is not the only concern. What kind of oil do you put in one of the new 2007 truck engines? How hard is it to change the new particulate filters?

If you are a concerned truck driver or truck fleet owner Equipment Today features a story that might put your mind at ease. There will be challenges as service technicians learn the new systems, but the trucks will keep rolling along.

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