Truckers around the world share the pain of fuel prices

While the current low fuel prices have brought relief at the gas pump, Trucking companies are not optimistic they will last.

According to a story on Reuters, 70% of truck firms in North America, Britain and France say that high fuel prices threaten their very survival. Another concern the story addresses is the shortage of qualified drivers.

Reuters also quotes one of the survey takers as saying that this concern might have a positive aspect for trucking companies, making them more cautious in their business decisions.

American truckers are not the only ones feeling the pain of fuel costs. The worldwide trucking industry winces whenever they stop for a fill up.

Truckers have always had to watch their wallets to stay in business, but 70% feeling threatened by going out of business seems pretty high…and scary.

We can figure out that most truckers have less than kind words about fuel prices. Rather than have our inbox fill up with nasty complaints, we will ask….

How do you handle high fuel costs? Do you have tips on how to get the most for your fuel dollar?

How do you budget your trucking business? If you run a fleet or drive your own truck, what tips do you have to manage your business when fuel costs are high?

How do you think truckers will handle high costs in the future? We hear a lot of press about ethanol, biodiesel, and even hybrid trucks. What do you think will change in the future?

If you hire truckers for your company, how do you find qualified drivers? Any tips for other employers or truckers seeking work?

Leave us a comment and let us know. If you have a nasty complaint about fuel prices…post it anyway. Even complaints are welcome.

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