Speed regulators in trucks – A nanny under your truck’s hood?

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of zooming down the highway in your big rig, and then you spot that lurking state trooper waiting to pounce on a speeder. Even if you’re watching the speed limit, you probably tap on the brakes a little.

According to an AP News story in the Houston Chronicle, you might not have to worry about speeding…if your truck can only go 68 miles per hour.

In order to promote truck safety, lobbyists from the American Trucking Association (ATA) have announced that they will seek the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to install speed regulators in new trucks as they are built, and put in place new regulations to prevent drivers from tampering with the devices.

It might seem extreme to mechanically prohibit trucks from going over 70 miles per hour, but there are already laws that keep trucks from going that fast in 24 states.

This is sure to be a firecracker of an issue as truckers and trucking companies sound off on what should be done.

What do you think? Would you buy a truck with a speed regulator? If you had to drive a truck outfitted with one, how would you adapt?

How much of a difference would a truck speed regulator make to and your trucking business? Is this a good idea to make trucks safer, or is this going to unfairly penalize certain truckers, especially independent truckers.

Let us know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Speed regulators in trucks – A nanny under your truck’s hood?

  1. Personally as I look at history I find it repeating it self.Regulation was brought down before. Only a few companies had the right to haul products with permits. Big companies and money controlled it.Today the big boys are trying to again monopolize by regulation of drivers and trucks. Little to do with safety, but much to do with their ability to control the market and price of the market.As before they are also preventing the American free enterprise and will drive up prices. It will not help their ill situation. Will avoid equipment with nannies on board as I do the companies that have them now.

  2. Big Brother is indeed everywhere…for a collection of pretty funny (but prophetic) articles check outhttp://www.notsafe.org (be sure to read the one asserting that senile drivers are more dangerous than drunks and why smoke detectors should be required in automobiles!Pass it on!!

  3. Big Brother is everywhere. Having one of these Nannies may just add to the truck accident rate. Drivers who will not be able to accelerate over 70 might just be lulled into a coma while hammered down at the boring 68 MPH or whatever politically correct speed the do gooders end up allowing. As an independant driver, I will be forced to seek older models that continue to give me the performance I demand. I’ll bet that the prudes behind this sort of thing just feel like this might cause a turnaround in the driving force and new drivers will simply not know any better. These snobs probably haven’t ever been within 20 yards of the inside of a tractor’s cab but as they believe themselves superior to those of us who keep the country running… they couldn’t care less what we want, think, feel, or need. The only hope is to vote… and keep them out of any office that they are running for. Those of us who fail to vote will deserve the problems that come upon us… and sure as hell… you are also letting down those who do vote.

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