Truck sales are up – Buy now or pay later?

According to the Fleet Owner website, Class 8 truck sales were up 13% in comparison to sales this time last year.

Truckers and trucking companies are buying 2006 models of trucks before the newer and fancier models for 2007 arrive, along with their newer and fancier price tags.

Besides, who wants to wait for the new 2007 models to enjoy that new truck smell?

While good sales news is always welcome, truck inventories are going up too. Truck manufacturers and dealers prepared for the demand of 2006 trucks, anticipating the rush to buy 2006 before the more expensive 2007 models arrived.

Will truck dealers sell trucks fast enough to clear out inventory before new models arrive? We will have to see.

If you are in the market for a 2006 truck, check out the models on Truck Trader Online.

Or you can buy an older truck. It might not have that new truck smell, but you can save your money and spend it on some air-fresheners instead.

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