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Time to put on our hard hats and get down to work. Welcome to the Equipment Trader Insider, the official blog of Equipment Trader Online.

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What is Equipment Trader Insider?

Equipment Trader Insider is the official blog of Equipment Trader. is owned and operated by Dominion Enterprises is a leading media and information services company serving employment, real estate, automotive, recreation and industrial markets in the United States.

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Equipment Trader Insider seeks to inform and create an online community for Equipment buyers and sellers, Equipment users from all walks of life, and all who are interested in Equipment.

We seek out news and information related to heavy equipment from all over the World Wide Web to inform our readers. We hope our readers will use Equipment Trader Online’s services to buy and sell equipment, but we also wish to contribute to the online heavy equipment community through sharing news and information, not just about Equipment Trader, but the entire world of heavy equipment and those who use it to get the job done..

If you are a equipment buyer, seller, equipment user or own a business that sells or supports heavy equipment, we want you to read our equipment blog and offer your comments and feedback.

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We seek out news and information about Equipment from all over the World Wide Web. We try to find the latest trends in equipment technology.

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One thought on “Equipment Trader Insider is ready to get to work!

  1. I can assure that the loss of ones equipment can put a small company out of business. I lost almost all of my equipment to thieves while working in Bay St. Louis, MS. I was hit twice. Now, after 10 years in business, I have had to fold. The loss of my tools and equipment started a snow ball affect. The loss of what I work with meant the loss of business. No equipment , no work. Noo work,no funds. No funds, no keeping creditors happy. I fell behind on financial obligations on other equipment I had and couldn’t get caught up. I worked tirelessly to pay for my tools and to get them honestly. We weren’t making alot of money at Bay St. Louis, just enough to get by. I was compassionate. Maybe too compassionate. I hope the one that stole my KW T900 and 3 axle RGN lowboy needed them more than me and my family. That was our livelyhood. Our money maker and had been for 7 years. There won’t be a X-mas at our house this year thanks to the actions of those who would rather steal it than work for it as I did.If you are a contractor and are considering going to the coast for work, Be warned!If possible, take your equipment home with you after the day.If you can’t , find a well lit area to park it . Disable the machines power or functions. Thieves like to grab and go, not break-out tools for thier loot.Pay attention to repeated passersby on your job. Engrave your SSN on major components of your machine. Drives, motor, trans. , etc.List your machine with NER.Don’t think it won’t happen to you. These thieves are quick, quiet and efficient. They are well trained and organized and your equipment will vanish in the blink of an eye.

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