Beware of Bad Bobcats

Our customers have reported fake Bobcat ads designed to lure people into wiring money. We delete these as soon as they are reported and we do our best to keep fraudsters from advertising on TruckTraderOnline, but here’s some information you can use to protect yourself. Make sure when shopping for a Bobcat or John Deere product that you deal with honest sellers!

Buyer Tips:

1. Beware of Bobcat and John Deere models that are underpriced

2. Beware of sellers who request to communicate by email only

3. Deal locally! The best way to insure a safe transaction is to meet the seller in person. International sellers who claim they can ship a Bobcat for free are probably fraudsters.

4. Avoid sending money through a wire transfer

We urge you to use caution and common sense when making online transactions. Make sure to report any suspicious ads to

For more information about protecting yourself online as a buyer or seller, please visit the TraderOnline Security Center at

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