Greased Trucking

When an Omaha teenager heads to a fast food restaurant, “drive thru” takes on a whole new meaning. His truck runs off of fast food grease.

WOWT in Omaha, Nebraska features a story about 17-year-old Bill Bridgers, who is helping spread the word about using vegetable oil as a fuel for diesel trucks. He is driving around the country with his father, explaining how the leftover grease can help cut down on fuel costs.

The grease fuel Bill and his father use comes from the dumpsters of restaurants. The grease is filtered to clean out debris and then put into the engine.

“Heat it up on diesel, start it up and run it for about 30 seconds and heat the oil up and you can run it on vegetable oil from here to the moon,” Bridgers said.

No word yet from NASA on any future grease powered rockets.

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