GPS Technology Protects Trucks From Thieves

If you are crazy enough to steal a big truck and its cargo, you might find that it isn’t the long arm of the law you have to worry about, but the eyes in the sky and the push of a button.

Truck thieves don’t bother stealing a few items from a home or business, they’ll go right to the source and steal a whole load of cargo.

To defend against such crimes, truckers are using GPS technology to track stolen trucks, and even turn off the engine from a remote location.

Unfortunately, the price of such systems is high and are often being installed only by large trucking firms.

GPS is not yet available on more low-tech security solutions, such as a pit bull in the back seat.

One thought on “GPS Technology Protects Trucks From Thieves

  1. If the tracking device becomes less expensive, I might want to install one on my bike, as I have had ten bikes stolen, four in San Francisco, four in Mountain View, one in Palo Alto, and one in San Jose.

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