“Idiots on the road” frustrate a trucker

Do you drive a car and talk on a cell phone at the same time, sometimes cutting off that 18 wheeler looming in your rear-view mirror? Are you so focused on putting on lipstick that you don’t notice the horn of a tractor-trailer you nearly ran into?

If so, you’re probably one of the drivers that gives truckers like Bill Gilles a headache.

The Daily Record in Morris County New Jersey interviews trucker Bill Gilles. Gilles reflects on how he became a trucker, what he likes about his job, and what frustrates him. He also discusses the skills a good truck driver should have.

One of major peeves is watching out for car drivers who pay more attention to cell phones and putting on make up than the road.

You…the guy driving a Range Rover on the expressway and trying to watch a DVD movie…we’re talking to you!


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