Mahindra Max is Coming Out


January 29, 2012 by traderonlineblogs

Moments ago we received an exciting email from one of our manufacturers, Mahindra, about their newest product launch.  After looking into it, we decided it was a “must-share”… Mahindra is coming out with a line that is called Mahindra Max.  This line will showcase revolutionary sub-compact tractors and focus on “Max Value, Max Performance, Max Maneuverability and Max Versatility”.  Equipment Trader Online would like to wish them much luck and success on their endeavor that will launch in a few short days.
Below was quoted and taken directly from their website, Mahindra Max:
“You’re an early observer. You’re about to get a glimpse of the most
revolutionary sub-compact tractor introduced into market. Stay tuned as 
each day we are gradually releasing more details, videos, content and 
features about the newest member of the World’s #1 Selling Tractor.”

One thought on “Mahindra Max is Coming Out

  1. Color me “max intrigued.”

    Can't wait for the (hopefully) epic reveal of this new line. I hope it lives up to the hype!


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